ALTA Tucson Estate Planning Attorney Services offers complete Estate Planning and Administration during times of medical crisis. ALTA Estate also provides expert and experienced service for Asset Protection & Living Trust packages, including Wills, and Powers of Attorney. With our experience as Estate Lawyers, our services include all relevant document preparation and coordination of services for clients and family members during times of crisis.


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ALTA Estate Services, LLC provides a unique and extensive Emergency Hotline Telephone Program available to clients and family members, 24/7, during times of emergency medical crisis. AT NO CHARGE


ALTA Estate Services, LLC provides unique business and asset protection strategies as well as comprehensive business organization documents and related tax planning, including filings with State and Federal agencies. This includes Asset Protection Planning.


ALTA Estate Services, LLC provides unique asset protection and related legal document planning to protect your assets from Long-Term Care Spenddown


ALTA Estate Services, LLC provides various opportunities for client education and understanding in all areas of practice and concerns of clients. This includes personal education workshops and webinars conducted on a regular basis.


“It takes a great deal of boldness, caution, and good fortune to accumulate financial wealth and security; and when you have created such financial wealth and security, it requires much more boldness, caution, and wisdom to protect and preserve it.” Click to learn more.


ALTA Estate Services, LLC provides comprehensive business organization documents and related business and tax planning including filings with State and Federal agencies. This includes Asset Protection Planning. Click to learn more.


This program allows ALTA clients, family members, and significantly related parties to contact ALTA Staff during times of medical and life crisis – At Any Time or Any Day. Click to learn more.


Preparing for your future estate planning needs is essential to protect your estate assets and provide financial security and peace of mind for your family members in times of medical crisis. Click to learn more.

ALTA Estate Services, LLC is a certified Tucson Estate Planning Attorneys, Living Trusts, Wills, Business, and Legal Tax Document Preparer Firm, licensed in the state with over 40 years of experience.

We believe our job is to create proper and complete estate and business documents to achieve the best results for our clients and family members. Our objective is to provide you with the most comprehensive legal documents so that your spouse and family members never need the future services (and legal costs) associated with courtrooms, estate planning attorneys, and estate lawyers. The ALTA Team is dedicated to quality, detail, integrity, and client satisfaction in the handling of all of your legacy needs. Alternative Payment Arrangements Available upon Request.

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The strength of ALTA Estate Services in Estate and Living Trust document preparation is their many years of experience in this area of practice. Not only does ALTA Estate Services draft the most current and complete Living Trusts, Wills, Medical Power of Attorneys, and Estate documents, based on the most current estate planning laws; but ALTA also assists its clients and family members in the administration of Living Trusts and Medical Power of Attorneys during times of medical crisis. Especially during times of lingering COVID-19, it is so important to not only have a properly drafted Medical Power of Attorney but to also have a complete plan of how things will work out during times of need. Living Trusts will avoid time-consuming and costly legal issues. ALTA Estate Services specializes not only in the preparation and draft of Living Wills and Medical Power of Attorneys but also in the coordination with family matters during times of need.

In addition, ALTA Estate Services provides complete business and tax strategies in the formation of limited liability company entities under the Arizona New Limited Liability Company Act. Limited Liability Companies are an excellent vehicle to operate any business for asset protection from liability as well as tax savings. ALTA Estate Services has extensive asset protection experience to provide clients with the most effective and cost-effective business and asset protection plans.

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When Should I Revise My Estate Plan?

There’s no one answer to the question of when you should revise your plan. However, there are a few general circumstances under which you might want to consider when updating your plan. For example, if you’ve experienced a significant life event like getting married, having a child, or buying a home, you may need to change your plan to reflect your new asset distribution. Or, if one of your beneficiaries dies or becomes disabled, you may need to adjust your plan accordingly. Additionally, reviewing your strategic plan periodically with a Professional Document Preparer is an excellent idea to ensure that it still meets your needs and complies with state and federal laws.

What Will My Estate Plan Cost?

When considering such a legacy strategy, one of the first questions is: What will it cost? The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the complexity of your estate, whether you need a will, trust, or both, and whether you use a lawyer or other professional to help you create your plan. Obtaining professional services for something so important is highly recommended

Any estate can be complex, so consulting with an Estate Planner will help ensure that your estate is well planned out and protected for your beneficiaries.


Strategic solutions help individuals and families protect their assets and plan for the future. Creating such a plan is the process of preparing for the transfer of one’s assets during their lifetime or after death. A strategic Living Trust & Will take into account the unique circumstances of the individual or family and develop a plan that meets their specific needs and goals.

There are many benefits to having a strategic plan in place. It can help to ensure that assets are protected from creditors and predators, minimize taxes, and maximize the distribution of assets to loved ones. A good strategy can also help avoid probate, which can be lengthy and expensive.

Individuals and families should work with an experienced professional to develop a strategy that meets their specific needs and goals.


Mr. Mark Fishbein practiced as a Tucson Estate Planning Attorney specializing as an Estate Lawyer, and servicing the legal document needs of his community.

One of the key principals of ALTA Estate Services, LLC’s practical law as having been a licensed Estate Planning Attorney for many years, is having practiced as an estate lawyer for the leading law firms in the nation before moving to Tucson, Arizona. There, This included handling large estates, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Family Trusts, and Asset Protection for professionals such as doctors and licensed professionals.

Mark is proud of the accomplishments he achieved as an estate planning attorney as well as the help he provided others in need as their estate lawyer over the years. Since retiring from the active practice of law, Mark now assists clients of ALTA Estate Services in all areas of estate planning, asset protection, and unique strategies for families with children with special needs.

What is most important to our team is that we at ALTA Estate Services do not bill as most lawyers or attorneys but rather reduce our billing by reducing our overhead. This way our clients receive all the benefits of the knowledge and years of experience while practicing as estate planning attorneys in Tucson, but not being billed at high hourly rates of estate lawyers. We offer a free initial consultation, and you will feel comfort and peace of mind of the information and education you will receive as if meeting with an estate plan attorney.

ALTA Estate offers a FREE Initial Consultation.


Mark, thank you and your team for the wonderful work that you have done for me following the death of my wife, not to mention the moral support you’ve been. You are a brother! God Bless.
– Gary H.
The entire team at ALTA Estate Services was wonderful. What a great experience. They created all the documents that I needed for my estate planning and business set up including the necessary tax forms. They met with me frequently AT NO CHARGE! What lawyer does that. I am so glad to be working with ALTA Estate Services.
– Erica M.
Had a great experience with working with Alta Estate Services. Answered all my questions and concerns and made me feel educated on my parents estate planning. Would definitely recommend Alta to anyone looking for these services.
– Julianne G.
I went to Alta Estate Services for my parents’ estate plan 5 years ago. They did an excellent job creating the legal documents at that time. I was very pleased with the care and concern they showed my parents. They have at all times remained available for my different questions.
– Seth J.
We were referred to Alta Estate Services by a friend when we needed to update our estate planning. Mark met with us and explained the importance of asset preservation to ensure our designated beneficiaries would receive the maximum possible with minimum legal obstruction. He also assisted with out-of-state legal work that had not been properly filed. We frequently travel and if we had an accident or became ill we feel secure in the knowledge that family members would be made aware of our medical needs and any records or authorizations promptly provided.

– Janet W.

My experience with Alta and the whole team has been fantastic. My elderly parents set up a family trust with Mark 8 years ago and due to their declining health wanted to revisit the documents. Numerous updates were needed to several parts of the trust because of changes in the law. Mark and is son Marc both worked efficiently, thoroughly, and compassionately to make sure all my parent’s wishes are legally documented and accessible when the time comes. I can’t say enough about the amazing personal treatment we were given throughout the process. I highly recommend Alta Estate Services!

– Carl Z.

Alta and Mark really helped me while in a rush. They are a great company with a lot of industry knowledge where advice was needed. I was able to get my LLC filed very fast with their assistance and know I am represented by a great team. Thank you!

– Hunter W.

I worked with ALTA Estate Services to set up my estate and business plan. They were extremely helpful, full of information and followed through on their document preparation in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. I have had bankers and lenders review my documents for various business and financial reasons and all have complimented the work completed by ALTA. This makes me feel comfortable and safe.

– Trish K.

When my husband passed away, i was left with a mess of legal issues. I was overwhelmed and scared as to my future financial security. Marc and alyssa worked closely with me to clear up all the issues. Sometimes I iwould just talk to them to calm myself down. They are more then my estate planners, they are my friends.

– Loretta T.

Mark helped my Husband and I get our Estate Planning updated, we moved from Iowa to Arizona . Mark made changing things from one state to another very easy. We are very satisfied with the ALTA Estate Services, LLC .

– Lisa C.



ALTA Estate Services, LLC provides trusted and experienced document preparation services for Tucson Estate Planning, Living Trusts, Medical Power of Attorney, Business & Asset Protection Planning, Limited Liability Companies, S-Corps, and Corporations.

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