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Why is LegalZoom Not The Answer?

Why is LegalZoom not the answer in your Estate and Business Planning Needs?

When preparing your Trust and Estate Planning and/or business planning documents, it is critical to understand that there is more involved than just creating paper and filings. Proper estate and trust planning or business and tax planning requires detailed and in-depth education, analysis and understanding. The strategy and options you choose is just as important as the documents themselves. Legal documents such as health care powers of attorney, trusts, last wills and testament, and limited liability company filings have many options and result in consequences both from an asset protection and tax benefit point of view. Legal document preparer companies such as LegalZoom, charge only for creation of boiler-plate documents without any analysis, understanding or concern for the consequences of the choices made in the preparation of these documents. LegalZoom is not the answer in your estate and business planning needs. We emphasize the fact of the critical importance to meet with each client and review yours goals and teach you of your options and consequences of the choices before proceeding forward with drafting of any trust and estate planning or business planning, such as limited liability companies.

Problems Arising From Poor of Inadequate Planning

We have frequently seen the evidence and consequences of these points raised above. Too often we have seen limited liability companies formed by LegalZoom without understanding the tax options and consequences as well as asset protection provisions available to our clients. We then have to amend and restate the articles of organization and begin the process of tax planning. ALTA Estate Services, LLC, prides itself in being a full-service company providing education and information to our clients before proceeding forward with planning out the desired and proper objectives in trust and estate planning as well as business planning.

It is imperative that you are first able to meet with professional to understand these issues. “It’s what you don’t know that you don’t know” that will always get you in trouble. Feel free to call ALTA Estate Services at (520) 797-1400 to meet with our various trust and estate planning, business and limited liability company planning, and tax planning professionals for a free consultation before proceeding forward with your legal needs. In addition, visit our website at to read more about the charges in Arizona State laws regarding living trusts, Medical power of attorneys and limited liability companies.